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Micro Tracers Services Europe

MTSE GmbH offers a complete service for your customers. Services involving everything related to the optimisation of mixing processes range from correct sampling methods to the validation of mixing quality and the determination of the carry-over level, right through to training seminars on the Microtracer analytical method.

Along with these services, MTSE also provides you with the necessary equipment.

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Micro Tracers Services Europe GmbH is a joint venture of Micro-Tracers Inc., J. H. Akerboom Holding and Dr. Sabine Artelt as managing partner.

MTSE GmbH was established in 2000.

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Here’s what our customers say

  • Indra Abdoel-Ganesh (Quality Manager Lab)
    Provimi B.V., Cargill group (Premixes and Feed)
    Rotterdam, Netherlands
    www.provimi.nl | www.cargill.com/feed
    "As MTSE licency laboratory we are performing the Microtracer Analysis for all our production lines worldwide and for customer support. We enjoy the backup service of MTSE for special customer wishes and evaluation of mixing quality."
  • Norbert Vaje (Technischer Leiter)
    Rondo Food GmbH & Co. KG (Snackprodukte)
    Krefeld, Deutschland
    “The stability of the Microtracers was the decisive argument for us. Our extruded snack foods for dogs and cats are manufactured under extreme conditions. This method has enabled us to clearly prove the high quality of our product.”
  • Nils Lastein (Application Manager, Feed)
    Andritz Feed & Biofuel A/S (Mixer Producer)
    Esbjerg, Denmark
    "Microtracer are our choice for testing new mixers. The different Microtracer colours allow us to check the homogeneity in our mixer for different mixing times in one batch only."
  • Wolfgang Scheule (Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter)
    Lexa Tierernährung (Mineralfutterhersteller)
    Kirchheim/Allgäu, Deutschland
    “No products for one species may be allowed to carry over into the next production batch for another species at any time. We have determined the level of carry-over on-site with Microtracers.”
  • Hans Van Gorp (Managing Director)
    Van Gorp Diervoeders B.V. (Organic Feed)
    Waalwijk, Netherlands
    "We are testing our production lines in both of our factories. Microtracer is used as well in regular as in organic certified feed, because they are not toxic or doing any harm to the environment."
  • Karl Schulze König (Geschäftsführer)
    SKS Schulze König Zucht- und Nutztiere GmbH & Co. KG
    Steinfurt-Borghorst, Deutschland
    “As a state-approved breeding operation, the health of our animals is of prime importance to us. For our feed, we use only the highest quality components. Microtracers have enabled us to rapidly determine the correct mixing time for our special feeds.”
  • Mr. Marnix de Schrijver (Head of Lab)
    FFQ Laboratorium
    Merksem, Belgium
    "Microtracer Analysis of homogeneity and cross-contamination is a service to our customers. Contamination sources in a production line can be detected easily."

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  • Article in "Mühle & Mischfutter" Issue 21, 08.11.2018
    Simultaneous Carry-Over Analysis of Various Locations
    before the Mixer with Microtracer.

  • "PETS International" October 2018
    Frequent analysis of homogeneity and carry-over is needed to guarantee product safety and excellence for consumers in the pet food industry.

  • Trade journal “Feed Magazine | Kraftfutter” no. 3/2009
    The Microtracer analytical method is a reliable method for determining homogeneity and cross-over in mixing equipment in accordance with Feed Hygiene Regulation (EC) no. 183/2005.

  • Trade journal “De Molenaar” no. 11/2014
    Microtracers are not classified as dangerous according to REACH Regulation (EC) no. 1907/2006 and are increasingly used as a preventive measure for the traceability of feedstuffs in order to guarantee safe products.

  • Trade journal “De Molenaar” no. 21/2006
    The “direct” Microtracer method relies on the particle count principle and not on the measurement of concentrations. As a result, influences on mixing processes such as the tapping of filters are recognised with significantly greater precision and clarity.



Certification of the analytical method

  • GMP+ International
    5.7 Test method for process accuracy for mixed feedstuffs with Microtracers
    This test method for the determination of uniformity of flours and grains can be used on standard premixes and mixtures made of milled feed materials for mixed feedstuffs in mixed feedstuff operations.
    The method can also be used to determine the carry-over rate for feed materials for mixed feedstuffs.

  • Ovocom
    II.2. Methods
    General procedure for testing the cross-contamination in the compound feed production by means of a tracer
    The procedure for determining the cross-contamination and the homogeneity of flour blends when preparing compound feeds, using tracers which, depending on their properties, can replace the conventional compound feed additives.



Product specification

  • Product data sheet
    Micro-Tracers Inc., San Francisco, USA

  • Brief toxicological assessment
    Fraunhofer Institute for Toxicology and Experimental Medicine
    Hannover, Germany

  • Brief eco-toxicological assessment
    Fraunhofer Institute for Toxicology and Experimental Medicine
    Hannover, Germany


Licensed laboratories

MTSE GmbH collaborates with licensed laboratories that participate in regular round robin quality assurance testing of their Microtracer analytical method.

In the round robin testing area, MTSE GmbH works together with Dienstleistung Lebensmittel Analytik GbR (DLA) in Ahrensburg, Germany, which has specialised in conducting and evaluating round robin tests.

  • DLA - Dienstleistung Lebensmittel Analytik GbR
    Ahrensburg, Germany